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Green Day Community

Everything related to GD

The Green Day Livejournal Community
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Green Day news, pictures, interviews, media, and more!


Welcome to the Green Day community on LiveJournal - the one comprehensive place for Green Day news, pictures, videos, and graphics. If you like Green Day and are looking for a site that hosts band news among other things, then join and start posting today!


This community is primarily focused on band news. Posting graphics (icons, layouts, etc) is allowed, but please abide by community guidelines when doing so. All members are encouraged to share any Green Day news they come across, whether it is from websites, articles, magazines, television, etc.


All members can post to the community. Here are examples of acceptable things to post: band news, interviews (written or video), media, pictures, graphics, concert reviews, tour dates, etc. Please do not advertise in this community unless it is strictly Green Day related. When posting a considerable amount of icons or pictures, please put them behind a cut.

We know Green Day is an awesome band, but please refrain from posting things about how much you love them, or any kind of personal introductions.

Organization and staying on topic is important to us, so any posts that are off topic or do not abide by the posting guidelines will be removed.

the band.

Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, lead vocals)
Mike Dirnt (bass, back-up vocals)
Tré Cool (drums)


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